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PA-2011-14 Pensiero rosso (cm 80 x 60 _a
PA-2011-15 Ritratto al tramonto (cm 80 x

Paolo Avanzi

Graduated in Psychology. He has worked for over 30 years in multinational companies as a specialist

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Giovanna Mancuso

Giovanna Mancuso, lives in Cormano, in 2009 she was fascinated by the transparency of a watercolor seen by chance and

    Michle Sliepcevich CALMA APPARENTE 100 x 100 cm 2021 acrilico su tela.jpeg
    Michele Sliepcevich.JPG

    Michele Sliepcevich

    Michele Sliepcevich was born in Milan in 1967. He currently lives and paints in Rho near Milan.

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    Liliana Fumagalli Orizzonte della speranza, olio su tela 30 x 30.jpeg

    Liliana Fumagalli

    Liliana Fumagalli was born in Sesto San Giovanni in 1964 and currently lives in Cinisello Balsamo in the province of Milan.

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    14 - Digital Art con applicazioni - Copi
    A - Immagine per Biografia di Rinò - Copia.jpg

    Rino Minetti 

    Rino Minetti, in arte Rinò, è nato nel 1938 a Milano, dove vive e lavora. Sposato con Alessandra, ha due figlie, Sabrina e Fabiana.

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    Brezza mattuttina 100 x 100 - 2018 - oli
    Luigi Franco.jpg

    Luigi Franco

    Luigi Franco, was born in Sesto San Giovanni in 1968 The passion for the arts, in particular for painting and drawing

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    Luigi Profeta

    Luigi Profeta was born in Milan on July 13, 1969. From an early age he developed a natural propensity for art.

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