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Click Art

On March 19, 2013, the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center was born in Cormano

With the three founding members, Luigi Profeta, Rusconi Rossella and Luigi Riva, an adventure begins that takes us into the world of art with enthusiasm and with the joy of being able to meet new artists, future talents, wonderful people.
The Cultural Center was born with the intention of promoting art starting from the bottom, from young artists, from emerging talents and from new experiments. From 14 February 2015, we moved to the new and larger headquarters, in via Dall'Occo, 1 between courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.
The Cultural Center is a space where you can share your events and your works.

Personal and collective exhibitions and prize competitions

Click Art offers numerous courses in creative painting and photography, in addition to free painting.

Since 2016, the Click Art cultural center has been the seat of the Psychoavantgarde Movement.

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