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Click Art 2016 events

Personal exhibition by Francesca Coletti

"The deep roots of being"

Inauguration of a personal painting exhibition

"The Deep Roots of Being"

Hours: 17.30

Free admission

Saturday 9 January 2016 at 5.30 pm the Click Art Cultural Art Center inaugurates the personal exhibition of Francesca Coletti, in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings of the 1600s.

The 2015 artistic season of the Click Art Cultural Center was full of events and successes, surpassing the best forecasts, with an extraordinary participation of the public, of new small and great artists.

Francesca's work as an artisan led her to experiment with various forms of art up to the creation of unique works in which nature is the dominant theme.

In this one-man show at the Click Art Cultural Center, his artistic research is organically exhibited.

The title: "the deep roots of being" contains the essence of Francesca's works. In the series of works "the tree of life", at the center of the composition there is the tree as an element of our existence, stationary where nature created it, but alive more than ever in its various forms, which adapts to the surrounding environment, without ever changing its essence, which loses the leaves but not the energy to flourish again loaded with fruit. This continuous conversation between earth and sky, between the solidity of the roots and the unknown of the sky leads the artist to a world of light: a naturalism that I define contemplative and spiritualized, which brings us back to the love of nature, towards what he generated us into the world.

The brilliant brushstrokes indicate the light areas and define the shapes at the same time. The dosage of colors: red with green, blue with orange, yellow with violet make the atmosphere sweet, that sweetness that we ask of mother nature. Francesca's skill lies in finding a subject, a dream that has a story to tell because painting is difficult, but doing something beautiful is no longer enough, being a good painter in the academic sense is no longer enough.

Francesca shows the willingness to accept new challenges to compete with various techniques and various forms of art in fact she writes numerous poems, she has recently published two books, collecting her best verses. This dual soul of painter and poet sees her engaged in a research rich in intensity.

As a painter she undertakes an attractive and fascinating activity animated by colors and shapes, while in her writings there is a continuous battle with verses.

With painting Francesca feels the need to represent herself in a purely existential portrait, while in poetry she sees herself in the shoes of another person, from which a social portrait emerges.

I wanted to remember that contemporary art is not far from our present because art is the mirror of society and if we perceive art as distant it is only because we have moved away from it.

Here we have the opportunity to close the gap and discuss with those who create art.

Ludovica Sagnelli

Collective exhibition

"Thought - Gesture - Abstraction"

Hours: 17.00

Free admission

Saturday 23 February 2016 at 5.00 pm the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center inaugurates the collective exhibition "Thought - Gesture - Abstraction" in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.

All the works selected for this exhibition have a common denominator: “The Thought, the pictorial gesture and the abstract”. They are interpreted by these artists, in a very different way from each other, Ciro Cipriani, paints his works during a meditation session, Francesca Coletti, with her trees of life, puts a bridge between earth and sky, Nicola Cristallo , is always looking for figures that arise from his unconscious, where anxieties, fears, joys and memories lurk, Raffaele De Francesco, a refined artist, lives, works and paints in Milan, where as a profession he deals with research in the biomedical field at the National Institute of Molecular Genetics. Her works, never banal, enclose action painting and informal painting, with a disarming balance and sobriety, Giovanna Mancuso contains in each of her works, rigorously in watercolor, all the pictorial elements, in a sort of dance of colors, Marco Paciello, artist with undoubted skills, tells us about winter landscapes, in his oil paintings, the snow and the plains, they appear to us as dreams, Claudio Dal Pozzo, poet and artist, uses various materials, such as wood, concrete, stones, plastics, cardboard, with which he manages to tell us about his personal experience, with an almost frenetic gesture, is his first painting exhibition .... Camelia Rostom, instead, brings us back to the man element, with its fragility, her fears, her desires, and her deviations, with skill and wisdom, Alexandra Ubbiali, a pupil of Prophet Louis, in her works tells us of a desire to live, which only at her age (16) can you have, with a good command in the use of various materials that she uses, Alexandra deserves to be followed and encouraged ..... if these are the premises, she will go a long way.

3rd International Painting Competition Exhibition

"Color and Matter"

inauguration of the 3rd international painting competition exhibition "Color and Matter"

opening hours: 5.30 pm free admission

On Saturday 12 March 2016, Click Art will turn 3 years old.

The 3rd edition of the “Color and Matter” painting competition exhibition will be one more occasion to celebrate the event, under the banner of art and beauty. The headquarters of the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center is in Cormano (MI), in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s. The inauguration is at 5.30 pm. We have reached the 3rd edition of the competition, and we have selected works and artists that seem “different” to us, less “contaminated” than others, but with one point in common, color and material. Annamaria Adessi, Matteo Boato, Ombretta Buongarzoni, Manuela Calicetti, Assunta Cassa, Francesca Coletti, Claudio Dal Pozzo, Raffaele De Francesco, Matteo Fabrisi, Massimiliano Ferragina, Angela Ippolito, Giovanna Mancuso, Adamo Modesto, Eugenio Morganti, Marco Paciello, Luigi Profeta, Camelia Rostom, Michele Sliepcevich, Tobia Zambotti, Cai Zi Zong Until the arrival of photography, the art of painting was the only way to portray a face, a landscape, or a building. But immediately after the invention of photography, artists found themselves faced with something new: the blank canvas. From the moment it was decided to explore something new, giving birth to movements of expression, reflection and innovation that went beyond centuries-old traditions, the artists began to create paintings that portrayed something more than the reality that lay before their eyes. Among the various most famous artistic movements such as Dadaism, Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism etc. we find that of impressionism, from which the trend of abstractionism was born. All these movements had a single purpose, that of telling and experimenting new and highly personal interpretations in the way of making art. Abstract, and informal, art, in any of its forms, does not portray what the eyes or other senses can perceive. A beautiful landscape can tell a story, just as a beautiful portrait can tell us a lot about the person depicted, but neither of the two paintings can give us a representation of our innermost perceptions, hopes and dreams that we place in what we are observing. Abstract impressionism is a continuous research and evolution of "pure" impressionism. Abstract art and informal art deals with us as individuals, with the understanding and knowledge of our being: it tells about strength and fragility, beauty and horror, light and darkness. These profound concepts push us to look further. In abstract art we use a symbolic language, an unconscious and instinctive way of telling things. In this exhibition "Color and Matter" we can benefit from these researches, these profound thoughts, the result of hard work and inner research. With this competition exhibition, we will investigate and verify whether art has added new languages to its infinite and changing vocabulary.

Solo exhibition of Jhonny Pixel

"Moments from the world"

Personal photography by Jhonny Pixel "Moments from the world"

Hours: 17.30

Free admission

On Saturday 26 March 2016 at 5.30 pm the inauguration of Jhonny Pixel's personal photography exhibition, "Istanti dal mondo", winner of the 2nd International Photography Competition, which was held last year at the Cultural Center, will be held Artistic Click Art in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and palaces of the 1600s. Born in '76 in Milan, Johnny Pixel, born Johnny Papagni, began his artistic research in the middle of the years '90. After a first foray into painting, he experiments with the potential of the material by choosing waxes and metal alloys. These first experiences are sublimated in the ink drawing, where an apparent chaos hides, instead, traces and clues of his experience and his artistic future. In 2010, lights and shadows become the raw material of his research: this is how the “Photographic Transpositions” are born, where physical reality is stripped of colors and thicknesses, to return to living by interacting with the viewer. For some time now, the forays into everyday life have given life to the series "Instants Trom The World" where the artist captures images belonging to the world that surrounds him and that in some way have deeply contaminated him and then represent them reworked through his personal point of view. . With the photographic series “microMONDI” the artist experiences the miniaturized dimension. This alters the function of the object, triggering poetic and paradoxical narratives: thus a chocolate cake becomes a rock wall, an egg shell a house, a sugar jar a beach. As Caterina Seri writes << Through the lens of his camera, Johnny Pixel, gives life to a series of parallel realities, taking a cue from reality, he returns images deeply contaminated by his being >>. Recent exhibitions include: "BaseZero Public Auction", Galleria Spazio Tadini (Milan 2014); "Going Places", NHOW Milano (Milan: 2013); "microWORLD on show", MA-EC Art Expo Gallery (Milan: 2014); and the personal "Night Life in my Kitchen", Ral8022 (Milan: 2013); "The Great Series" Le Biciclette (Milan: 2014); "microworlds and minimicroworlds", Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan: 2014); "Assassin Creed Tribute", Lucca Comics (Lucca 2014); "Exhibition for play", Spazio Tadini Gallery (Milan 2014), "Instants From The World" Spazio Tadini Gallery (Photofestival 2015).

Personal exhibition of Camelia Rostom

"The woman between colors and lines"

Inauguration of a solo exhibition by Camela Rostom "The woman between colors and lines"

Hours: 17.30

Free admission

Saturday 9 April 2016 at 5.30 pm will be held the inauguration of the personal exhibition of painting by Camelia Rostom, "The woman between colors and lines", winner of the 1st International Digital Art Competition, which was held last year at the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s. Camelia Rostom, Artist of Lebanese origin, in her works, always tells us about the human soul , of his sufferings, his weaknesses, but also of his strength, his love and his friendship. In her works, superior technical and artistic skills are denoted, her ability in the use of materials and equipment, allow her to create unique and fascinating works, where the viewer is involved and enraptured by its colors, its shapes, its stories.

And we can talk about stories, precisely because each of his works is a story, it is a book to be read carefully, so as not to miss the moment in which his deep thought manifests itself in us. I don't want to dwell too much on aesthetically appealing big words, because Camelia's work is clean and elegant, just like her.

In this personal exhibition entitled "The woman between colors and lines" Camelia tells us about suffering, mysterious, delicate women, mothers, sisters, daughters, inspiring women muses of many artists, but told from the point of view of a woman. She tells us about the sensations and feelings that every woman radiates with her colors, and with the lines that form her soul, her personality, her thoughts.

Woman in all her forms is love, she is life.

The woman is a delicate, sensitive being, full of mystery.

These are the words of Camelia: True beauty is not linked to the color you belong to, nor to the age you have, nor to what it hides behind ... True beauty is who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass. True beauty is the radiation of love that affects people positively. Beauty is not opposite; beauty is the original sacred rose inside.

Camelia Rostom's painting deserves to be known and appreciated by everyone, and we can do this on Saturday 9 April 2016 at 5.30 pm at the inauguration of her solo show “The woman between colors and lines”.

The exhibition will continue until April 20, 2016

Double personal exhibition of Raffaele De Francesco and Ciro Pompeo

"Instinct and reason"

Inauguration of the exhibition by Raffaele De Francesco and Ciro Pompeo "Instinct and reason" Hours:


Free admission

Saturday 30 April 2016 at 5.30 pm the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center, in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and palaces of the 1600s, inaugurates the double solo exhibition of Raffaele De Francesco and Ciro Pompeo the artists won the 2nd prize in the Color and Matter painting competition exhibition, De Francesco in the 3rd edition of the prize, while Pompeo in the 2nd edition. Raffaele De Francesco works and paints in Milan, where as his main profession he deals with scientific research in the biomedical field. Always passionate about art and painting, he began his activity as a painter in 2008 dedicating himself entirely to informal painting. Painting thus represents for Raffaele De Francesco a means of knowledge of reality complementary to the scientific one: on the one hand scientific research, with its rational and objective approach, on the other painting, as an instinctive and introspective instrument of knowledge. Ciro Pompeo, born in Naples on May 28, 1979 and from an early age develops a strong artistic vein. He paints his first picture in 1992. He keeps this passion alive over the years thanks to travels, the meeting with various artists from the Italian and non-Italian scene, and the wealth of emotions that can be expressed through art. When he was only twenty years old he left for London and later devoted himself to the studies of "general chemistry" following the youthful passion for the "behavior" of materials, also born through the experience in the family business. Today he lives and expresses his first passion in Pompeii. Self-taught, not coming from academic studies, he creates and molds raw materials transforming them into real works of art. It is always difficult to talk about Art, or worse still to write about Art, whatever it is, the words that at the time of pronouncing them meant something to us, once said they suddenly empty, become conceptual, often absurd, almost always useless. Speaking of Raffaele De Francesco and Ciro Pompeo, one cannot fail to underline the fact that one is instinct, the other reason. Virgilio Patarini writes about him: Raffaele De Francesco constructs his works with an exuberance of color and gesture that never borders on excess and imbalance, but on the contrary goes in search of a complex harmony made of weights and counterweights: an ultimately "classical" harmony. The explosive, modern and disruptive force is tempered and balanced by a sort of innate golden balance of ancient Greek ancestry. This dialectic between the direct expression of emotion and rational control emerges even more clearly in the last works, hinging on another dialectic that depends in part on the tools used: that is, the dialectic between putting on and taking off. Di Ciro Pompeo, Carlo Roberto Sciascia tells us that the artist is driven by the aspiration to free himself aesthetically from making art in the usual way and tied to the past and, driven by the curiosity to experiment with new materials and different expressive languages, he ventures mainly into informal material up to a genuine and spontaneous lyrical abstraction. The artist thus goes in search of every aesthetic and expressive value defined precisely by the various materials used as a basic support, but also by those (mainly wooden) affixed to the same pictorial-material surface; said heterogeneous materials, essentially poor and recycled, normally natural and worn out by time and use, having lost their original object form, are used for their intrinsic ones. Pompeo exploits these mixes and considers matter as a completely autonomous reality of which they appear in the foreground and at times the forms can be distinguished; the representation, however, is generally eliminated by becoming an element of a reality characterized by the spatio-temporal physicality of an object-subject. At the same time, to free himself from the tensions accumulated in his psyche, the artist spreads various colors on the material with an instinctive and decidedly spontaneous gesture, often characterizing them with free brushstrokes and layers of color, smeared in signs in the name of improvisation so that the work, emptied of any residual formal value, can exhaust its restlessness.


Personal exhibition of Bruno Cavestro

"Through hiding and visions"

Personal photography by Jhonny Pixel "Moments from the world"

Hours: 18.00

Free admission

Saturday 14 May 2016 at 6.00 pm the inauguration of Bruno Cavestro's personal photography exhibition, “Through hiding and visions” will be held. Bruno Cavestro, in his works, is moved by a poetic vision of life, by a search for spiritual perfection. First with black and white, now with the help of color, he expresses his inner vision of reality, with the intention of going beyond the canvas to tell on a human level something that goes beyond the vision of the single person, something he wants. to exist outside and above the sensible reality. Bruno works in absolute and rigorous silence, in solitude, in search of a dialogue with himself, with his own ego. With its stratifications, it seeks and wants to encounter what we actually already know through our unconscious, that is an ancestral link with the experience of men. In front of his works, to be "listened to in silence", we find ourselves talking with the artist, his walls hide messages, which conceal the experience of other people, the desire to be recognized for what we really are and not just for how others see us. Shadows are the creative unconscious, art as a cure for ourselves to improve others too, sometimes it is not enough, Bruno's cry is on the canvas, and it is a cry of announcement, in his paintings, hidden by stratifications of color, images, words, feelings, warnings come out, the message that transpires in his works, we can define it like this: Who seeks finds. Every man, every person, conceals in his own unconscious the truth, not the absolute one, but the truth that presents us to the world as individuals capable of thinking and reasoning; so why not think about your own experience to meet that of others? This is the question that Bruno Cavestro proposes to us through his paintings. This artist with undoubted technical and creative abilities, deserves to be known by everyone, and we can do this on Saturday 14 May 2016 at his personal exhibition "through hiding and visions" at the Click Art Cultural Center in via Dall'Occo, 1 a Cormano (MI)

Luigi Profeta

Collective exhibition

"Carpe Diem"

Collective exhibition of painting, photography, sculpture

Hours: 16.00 at the Viola space, in via Pietro Nenni, 8 Cormano from 9.00 inauguration at 16.00

Free admission

The inauguration of the Carpe Diem group exhibition will take place on Saturday 14 May 2016 at 4.00 pm. Seize the moment, a phrase that we have heard over and over again, but what is the moment to seize, does it really exist? There are fleeting moments that will never come again, and moments that remain there waiting for you ... Are we really the ones who seize the moment or is it the moment that suddenly catches us? These questions are often repeated in the soul of an artist. The artist, as the word itself says, is a creator sensitive to beauty, who continually asks himself questions, and uses them for his paintings. But there are questions to which it is difficult if not impossible to give definitive and exhaustive answers. If we knew how to seize the moment, every person, every individual, would be able to live peacefully without asking the question anymore. So is it really important to seize the moment? Or is it better to let it seize the moment? Personally I don't know how to give an answer, and I'm happy with it, because I don't want to ask myself any more questions. The artists, present in this great collective exhibition, each in their own way certainly asked the question. A group exhibition is not just a way to show your feelings, your frustrations, your dreams, but it is a way to try to seize the moment, or hope that the moment will catch us. Every artist who exhibits a work, in his depth always hopes to be able to sell a work, but not for money, because the artist is a creator sensitive to beauty, and beauty is not sold, but to be able to continue to cultivate everyone. your dream. Yes, because we can talk about dreams, each work is a dream for an artist, a part of his own self, a part of his own experience. Then perhaps the question should be asked by those who look at the work. Is this work here for me? Is he here by any chance? Or is it the fleeting moment …… ..?

The collective will be visible at the Viola space, in via Pietro Nenni, 8 Cormano from 9.00 opening at 16.00

Luigi Profeta

3rd exhibition photography competition

"Lights and Shadows"

Free admission

Saturday 28 May 2016, at 5.30 pm the inauguration of the photography contest exhibition "Lights and Shadows" will be held, in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s. at the 3rd edition of the competition, and we have selected works and artists who work with and experience the illusion of light and shadow. Among the participants, Daniele Bassi, at his first exhibition, talks about dreamy places, with his sunsets on the waters of the river Serio, Dario Fulci, contemporary Belgian photographer, in his works, takes us to the limit between abstraction and reflection with the series of photographs "Artificial eye", Marco Giammarinaro, who with his macro-photographs, leads us to discover a new way of looking at photography, deluding the viewer, who is blown away by the revelation of the photo, Raffaello Iannelli, who with his works, Simone Morana tells us stories of everyday life, with her own personal poetic vision, who embraces surrealism as a lifestyle because, as Arturo Schwarz explains in his books, "The surrealist has the boundless ambition to change the world and life , Donatella Sarchini, who with her close-up shots and photographic collages, invents and creates new places, Luigi Profeta, brings to light forgotten and abandoned places, Johnny Pixel , in his images a sort of nostalgia shines through, with his trains that leave for a journey that make us dream and imagine stories of lives we have met, Luigi Riva, with his photographs, manages to make us perceive the world around us, showing us places simple, everyday, but with a new and poetic eye, Marcello Vigoni, who with his analogue photographs, rediscovers the pleasure of “photographic creation” with his conceptual works. The exhibition will be open from 28 May to 8 June 2016. The artists on display deserve to be known and appreciated by everyone, and we can do this on Saturday 28 May 2016 at 5.30 pm at the inauguration. Although the division of photography between documentation and artistic research is a false problem, the two areas are not so easily separable, since information and documentation photography is already in itself a form of artistic expression. Photography is a means of communication and information, but it is also fun and personal research. The artists who participate in the international photography exhibition "Lights and Shadows", sponsored by the municipality of Cormano, have a very important role in today's society, that is to interpret the world in a personal and imaginative, sometimes fantastic, world that surrounds us. We have been bombarded for decades by more or less famous images, works that have made history, but today in a world context that has evolved quickly and so quickly, photography is no longer interpreted by the viewer, but told by those who make it. proposes as absolute truth. But the events are more and more complicated and the changes of the language and the technological innovations, weigh heavily on the creation. The fact is that photography remains a more or less realistic two-dimensional representation of the world. In the shots of these artists, we can see and admire the vision that everyone has of photography, and makes it available to the user, so that those who observe the image have the feeling and probably the certainty of imagining and building a new world without the imposition of anyone. The role of photography in contemporary society, in my personal opinion, should be this: to give new and fantastic adventures. Today we can say that photography, despite the presence of television, telematics and social networks, is experiencing a period of affirmation as perhaps only in its nineteenth-century golden age.

Collective exhibition

"Contemporary Visions"

Hours: 17.30

Free admission

On Saturday 25 June 2016 at 5.30 pm the Click Art Cultural Art Center inaugurates the collective exhibition "Contemporary Visions" in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.

With this new collective, we want to take stock of the situation. The Click Art Cultural Center in just over a year has already created over 30 solo, group and competition exhibitions, practically an average of two a month, taking into account the various festivals. We had the opportunity to meet hundreds of artists, from Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, China, Taiwan, and of course from all over Italy. Other artists will join our gallery, where they will find a new family, and new friends, ready to welcome them to grow together. Each artist has brought (and will bring) a piece of their life and experience to our center, thus contributing to the cultural and artistic growth of the Click Art artistic center, but also of our small town. Among these artists, there are many who have remained fond of our center, and continue to present their works, works ranging from hyper-realistic figurative, to abstract figurative, reaching conceptual abstractionism, and informal. Our family is growing more and more, and we are able to affirm that art is in constant movement and growth, artists never stop, and every time they propose something new, something amazing, or simply something unique. . We want to see where these artists have arrived with their experimentation, and see what they offer us today, to understand where they will go tomorrow. We can do all this on Saturday 25 June at the Click Art cultural and artistic center

Collective exhibition

"MovimentAzione - the feeling of the soul"

Free admission

On Saturday 10 September 2016 at 5.30 pm the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center inaugurates the collective exhibition MovimentAzione "The feeling of the soul" in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.

All the works selected for this exhibition have a common denominator, namely: “The feeling of the soul”, interpreted in a different way by each artist. What the artist feels while he paints, what he communicates, and what those who look at the works feel. For too long, the "artist's job" has been considered as a game, as a pastime, but whoever is an artist really knows what it means to be at night, thinking about the work to come, knows what sacrifices he will have to face, he knows the path he has made and the one he will still have to do, all this happens every day and every artist knows how to face a game that puts everything into play, even the soul.

On display works by:

Daniela Carcano, Camelia Rostom, Claudio Dal Pozzo, Angela Ippolito, Luigi Profeta, Giovanna Mancuso, Donatella Sarchini, Ciro Pompeo.

Personal exhibition of Giovanna Mancuso


Free admission

On Saturday 24 September 2016 at 5.30 pm the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center inaugurates Giovanna Mancuso's personal exhibition "Sensations" in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, among courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.

Giovanna Mancuso, is a self-taught artist

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