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"SOLIDARITY on-line exhibition"

15 - 30 APRIL 2020

Small galleries, small cultural centers, are the soul of the artistic community all over the world. Many of you are emerging artists, other established artists and many of you support the activities of these cultural centers that, day after day, strive to make your art, your creativity, and your work known. Now the cultural centers and small galleries are experiencing a moment of great difficulty, and the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center, unfortunately, is not exempt from this discomfort. We know very well that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we must try to keep our feet firmly on the ground and think about the future. We have already had to cancel four exhibitions from the program, and for a small non-profit cultural center, that's a lot. I thought of creating an online exhibition, on the Click Art Facebook page, where each participant will be able to exhibit a work, with a small contribution that you will decide in which entity, a figure that Click Art will be able to support and that will cover the costs. that we will have to face. Click Art, he has never forgotten to help others, or artists in difficulty, and we want to do it even now, because I believe that solidarity can also be done in our small way, with a little help, and I thought that works displayed on the Click Art page, can be sold for € 100 so that anyone can buy them and donate the proceeds to civil protection. The online exhibition, however, will create a winner who wins a "physical" exhibition here at the one-week Click Art, the votes will be decreed by the likes received, so that no one can vote twice for the same work. The exhibition will start on April 15, until April 30, the works will be voted on, and will be on sale at a price of € 100, so think about a work that you want to donate for that amount. I embrace you all and I hope to have given you the inspiration for something useful and that will keep us united in these sad days for everyone. For information write to: Centro Cultural Artistico Click Art - Mail:

Luigi Profeta The on-line exhibition was born with the aim of raising funds for civil protection, each artist donates a work of their choice, which will be exhibited on the Click Art facebook page, and can be voted and purchased by visitors at a price of € 100 which will be paid directly to the civil protection. The winner of the on-line exhibition will win a one week “physical” exhibition at our premises.

The on-line exhibition opens on Tuesday 15 April, from that date it is possible to vote for the works and purchase them at a price of € 100 each. The person who wins the work must book it under the photo of the work, and will communicate it to the Click Art cultural center, after which he will make the bank transfer. Once the payment has been made, Click Art will affix under the photo of the work sold the words: "WORK NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR DONATION MADE." The amount collected will be devolved entirely to civil protection.

The delivery of the works, in compliance with the provisions of the government and the regions, will be carried out as soon as the circulation is possible, directly to the buyer and in the case of people outside the area by post paid by Click Art. THE UNSOLD WORKS REMAIN OWNERSHIP 'OF THE ARTIST


The payment for the purchase of the work can be made directly to the civil protection using the following bank details:

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Spa

Branch in via del Corso, 226 - Rome

Headed to Pres. Cons. Min. Dep. Prot. Civ.

IBAN: IT84Z0306905020100000066387



Paolo Avanzi, Angelo Ariti, Lucio Barlassina, Nadia Bonzi, Fausto Bravo, Filomena Castelluccio

Claudio Dal Pozzo, Marco Danese, Clotilde Delisio, Leonardo De Grossi, Beatrice Di Francescantonio Isabella Ditaranto, Maria Ferrara, Luigi Franco, Liliana Fumagalli, Marco Ghezzi, Gregorio Giuranna Gianluca Gnoni Magdalena Grandi Elena Grassi, Andreas Hoffman, Roberta Iascone, Gianmaria Lafranconi Francesco Lasalandra, Fiorella Immorlica, Claudio Lepri, Stefania Lubatti, Susanna Maccari Gisella Magni Giovanna Mancuso, Janis Mazzocchi, Mario Morelli, Ana Pèrez, Eddi Pettenò Mario Poletti

Luigi Profeta, Raffaella Quitadamo, Maria Remigio, Danuta Sandomierska Ivan Sghirinzetti

Michele Sliepcevich, Vincent Speranza, Lucio Tagliabue, Ivano Tomasella Bianca Trevisan Massimo Zangrando


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