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Click Art Events 2021

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POST 2020

January 16 - 28 2021

2020 has run out, and we with it… We have fought with all our strength to be able to resist this terrible pandemic that has actually interrupted our work but not our creativity. Thanks also to you and your contribution, the Click Art Cultural Art Center is still alive, bruised, wounded, disappointed, but alive. I believe 2021 will begin, in the same way that 2020 will end, cultural centers, cultural activities limited if not blocked. We will start again on Saturday 16th January with a collective exhibition. The exhibition will be titled "POST 2020". It will certainly be yet another online exhibition, which from a sales point of view could be as successful as the others (in this last exhibition we have sold 8 paintings for the moment) but we artists need more, we need exchange, opinions , the human relationship, the contact with the works, with the colors, the opinions, the criticisms and the compliments of those who admire our works. Click Art is a small cultural center from where many artists started, and thanks to it they have been able to make themselves known and appreciated even in important events. We have created a fabric that cannot be undone after so many sacrifices, so many mistakes, but also so many successes, the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center cannot close. This is not only a request for help, but also a mutual exchange. From 2021 the psycho-avant-garde movement will resume its journey with big news and important events that will lead us to a national and international audience, and it too was born here, at Click Art. This pandemic will perhaps leave us soon, or perhaps it will continue with its ups and downs, like a pressing biorhythm, but I do not give up, I have never given up in my life. I have a fixed memory in my mind of my father who (when I was racing a bicycle) always told me to go forward 50 meters at a time, to the next light pole. And so I have done all my life, 50 meters at a time without ever giving up. I am sure that you too think like me, art does not die, art continues with or without us, so if we want to be there, we must act. I always try to grasp the positive side of things, maybe that's also why I never get discouraged. We are not alone, we are here, we are a group of artists, but also of friends who fight for the same ideals.

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tel. 0266301491 cell. 3400630560


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