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Click Art Events 2021

Locandina collettiva Pensiero Gesto Astr


19 MARCH - 9 APRIL 2021


Friday 19 March 2021, Starting from 4.30 pm, at the Click Art contemporary art gallery, the group exhibition lasting fifteen days will be inaugurated, entitled: "THOUGHT - GESTURE - ABSTRACTION"

the exhibition will be inaugurated live on the Instagram page @profetaart

The season will kick off with the 4th edition of the group exhibition

"Thought - Gesture - Abstraction" a simple title, but which immediately makes the intentions clear. The exhibited works will examine painting

It is therefore an expressive challenge, that of giving strength and balance to works that lead to each elaboration with their own technique, thought, gesture, and abstraction. What is hidden inside the thought of an artist? What pictorial gesture is imposed on the canvas? How far can abstraction go? This is the challenge we want to launch with the 4th edition of the collective exhibition “thought - gesture - abstraction”, where each artist will be able to illustrate their work, telling us the moment in which the imagination arises. We are curious to see what the results can be and what the response of the public will be, which in the past editions has always been attentive and generous. There are many emotions, each artist will bring their own specific emotions into the field, each with their own way of expressing themselves and trying their hand at their works. Different emotions, which at least for once, can coexist together smoothly and dichotomies.

Participating artists:

Marco Ghezzi, Giuseppe Salmoiraghi, Susanna Maccari, Paolo Avanzi, Luigi Franco, Giovanna Mancuso, Eleonora Profeta, Luigi Profeta, Nadia Bonzi, Michele Sliepcevich, Laura Costantini, Gianmaria Lafranconi, Liliana Fumagalli, Ivan Sghirinzetti, Stefania Lubatti, Camelia Rostom, Paolo Facchinetti , Andreas Hoffman, Angelo De Boni, Lucio Barlassina

Artistic Cultural Center Click Art

Via Dall'Occo 1, Cormano 20032 (MI)

for more info:

tel. 0266301491 cell. 3400630560


post 2020 patrocinio.jpg

POST 2020

January 16 - 28 2021

2020 has run out, and we with it… We have fought with all our strength to be able to resist this terrible pandemic that has actually interrupted our work but not our creativity. Thanks also to you and your contribution, the Click Art Cultural Art Center is still alive, bruised, wounded, disappointed, but alive. I believe 2021 will begin, in the same way that 2020 will end, cultural centers, cultural activities limited if not blocked. We will start again on Saturday 16th January with a collective exhibition. The exhibition will be titled "POST 2020". It will certainly be yet another online exhibition, which from a sales point of view could be as successful as the others (in this last exhibition we have sold 8 paintings for the moment) but we artists need more, we need exchange, opinions , the human relationship, the contact with the works, with the colors, the opinions, the criticisms and the compliments of those who admire our works. Click Art is a small cultural center from where many artists started, and thanks to it they have been able to make themselves known and appreciated even in important events. We have created a fabric that cannot be undone after so many sacrifices, so many mistakes, but also so many successes, the Click Art Cultural Artistic Center cannot close. This is not only a request for help, but also a mutual exchange. From 2021 the psycho-avant-garde movement will resume its journey with big news and important events that will lead us to a national and international audience, and it too was born here, at Click Art. This pandemic will perhaps leave us soon, or perhaps it will continue with its ups and downs, like a pressing biorhythm, but I do not give up, I have never given up in my life. I have a fixed memory in my mind of my father who (when I was racing a bicycle) always told me to go forward 50 meters at a time, to the next light pole. And so I have done all my life, 50 meters at a time without ever giving up. I am sure that you too think like me, art does not die, art continues with or without us, so if we want to be there, we must act. I always try to grasp the positive side of things, maybe that's also why I never get discouraged. We are not alone, we are here, we are a group of artists, but also of friends who fight for the same ideals.

for more info:

tel. 0266301491 cell. 3400630560


Locandina mostra collettiva ordine e cao


20 February 9 March 2021

Friday 19 February 2021 at 4.30 pm, at the Click Art artistic cultural center, between courtyards and buildings from the 1600s, in the historic center of Cormano, the collective exhibition "ORDER & CAOS" will be inaugurated.

The artists involved in this important exhibition are in alphabetical order:

Angelo De Boni, Luigi Franco, Luigi Profeta and Michele Sliepcevich.

Returning from the online exhibitions that in recent months have in fact taken over the "physical" exhibitions, the result of the work of choice and selection of the artistic director Luigi Profeta, painter and president of the Click Art Cultural Center, they have proved to be a great success, with the public. Criticism and sale.

The four artists in question, in this exhibition propose old and new works, and question themselves about the future, comparing themselves on the canvas, with strokes of brush and palette knife. The works of the four artists are very different, both in the use of colors and in the technique. Angelo De Boni, after over twenty years dedicated to conceptual minimalism, with a deep research on the theory of the field, the elimination of excess and the white pigment, the artist returns to the past rediscovering color. It does so through the informal technique which has as its objective the hidden search of the image of emotions, through the mixing and fragmentation of the color itself. Luigi Franco, a multifaceted artist, manages to make us perceive a fairytale atmosphere, through the use of color, expertly mixed on the palette (he uses only the primary colors), he manages to obtain infinite shades, even if he prefers green colors and all its shades and colors. Luigi Profeta, investigates his own unconscious, between ancient memories, between order and chaos, between light and darkness, "sculpting" the material, as if looking for something that is still hidden in his deep self, in an attempt to bring out one's own experience. Michele Sliepcevich, investigates the world around him, with pure strong colors, where large backgrounds of blue, purple or yellow surround faces and figures he imagined, the result of his imagination and personal experience.


Angelo De Boni , disciple of the ceramic sculptor NANNI VALENTINI and of the architect ATTILIO MARCOLLI ("Theory of the Field") professors at the State Art Institute of Monza, then attended the scenography course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera

Since 1973 craft-artist, of international scope since 2003. From 2000 to 2003 he holds the position of National Manager of SOS ART INTERNATIONAL in Amsterdam for the SOS ART ITALIA area

In 2000 he founded and wrote the NEXT-ART manifesto

From 2002 to 2004 he collaborated with the quarterly periodical ARTE-INCONTRO, published by the Storica Libreria Bocca in Milan, through his personal column "Carpe Diem"

In 2005 the Opera Praesepium of Palermo awarded him the High Honor of ACADEMIC for artistic merits In 2005 he founded ARTODAY: Image's Reading Laboratory

In 2008 he is a supporter of the artistic initiative called MAS Minimo Aniconico Sottractive

He was an important member of the idea of ​​THE METAFORMISM

He is currently an active part of the artistic theoretical movement of the PSICOAVANGUARDIA and is the creator of the Brain Art Minimal Conceptual Essence.He has collaborated as a consultant for some national and foreign galleries and theater companies (Kunstmuseum P. Picasso Munster, ImaginArt Zurich, Opus Teatro, P. Mazzarella Theater Company Milano, LaboExpo Milano, Statuto 13 Milano, Dream & Imagining Boston,). Several of his works permanently both in Italy and abroad. Reference galleries: ScogliodiQuarto Milano, Studio L'Altrove Ferrara, Arcidiacono Londra, NY ART & Fairs New York


“We are used today to often find ourselves faced with metaphors that become a form of escape from everyday life, but at the same time bring us back to thought. A painting must make us think, not simply welcome with its truthfulness, and deBoni is one who thinks and forces us to think, about our emotions and their value. He is an artist, of international scope, with an innate sensorial culture that leads him to continuous research, obtaining works of high cultural reading and timeless artistic dimension "

Raffaele De Grada

Luigi Franco , born in Sesto San Giovanni in 1968, currently lives in Cinisello Balsamo in the province of Milan. from early childhood, he showed a passion for drawing and painting, thus orienting his studies towards the artistic high school, obtaining the artistic high school diploma. So describes Luigi Franco, the critic Maria Luigia Lattanzi. Light breath of the soul, light of dawn on the horizon, the sun beyond the mist, the ice on the windshield that melts in the first tenuous rays of spring mornings. Crackles of dry leaves under your feet walking along the Milanese avenues in autumn. Superimposed color and warmth. Winter, cold and melancholy. Style and elegance of the features and chrome plating. The matter is shaped and fades in the hands to grasp the essentiality of the message. Light emerging from the hurricane that engulfs you in the center of the vortex. The calm after the storm that calms the soul. Northern lights that set night skies on fire, dyeing them with colors that evoke mythical landscapes.


The works of Luigi Franco, a pictorial and humanly sunny artist, are characterized by material but vibrant colors and by a particular informal abstract research. It seems like a journey into the soul of life, in search of a light, the journey in which he seems to find himself. His paintings are of great expressive freedom; they are enchanted atmospheres, asphyxiated as for lack of air; nevertheless they are very reflective, a little mysterious, instinctual since their own emotional storm materializes and reveals itself. Various chromatic traces, pieces harmoniously spread with delicate and subtle sensitivity, produce different subjects with sometimes subtle and sometimes decisive tones; with titles inspired by imaginative spells: "rust", "traces", "nocturnal", "backlight", "reflections". Certain forms generated by an elegant and incisive sign, combined with precious streaks or at times bright, decisively full-bodied - are transformed by the author by a visionary nature of poetic images. Franco is an artist supported and enhanced by a thorough, sure, knowledge of the compositional painting technique. His work on canvases, plastic and polychrome, between movement and stillness, between light and shadow, does not impose itself with experimental mystifications, but enters the minds of the users with a strong vibration and like a mystical echo that does not die out. These painted visions, these sudden explosions in colored spaces, can only be electrocutions of the unconscious, rapid emotional intuitions, which no computer will ever be able to produce. But in Franco's works there is something more: the images often seem to come from other worlds, certainly produced by the artist with sudden gestures, but accompanied by brushstrokes of a premeditated procedure. Nuanced, ineffable, at times only hinted at, yet intense and strongly evocative, Luigi's painting proceeds by subtraction, bringing out from the light only what is worth showing, through the breath of the poetry with which it is expressed. Luigi Franco works by synthesis and his reality has the form of a filamentary "dust" that now moves or now stops in an imaginary cosmos, proposing to an attentive observer "invisible" solutions of innumerable symbolic or emotional elements. As if the artist were looking, in the instant and in the fugitive, for the essence: not the ephemeral, but the continuous form of the primary elements - earth, air, fire, water - in a "Heraclitean" flow that from moment to moment its lymph varies and that the author manages to grasp with chromatic explosions, now tenuous, now material, at times joyful, at other times with melancholy notes. The final story that Franco expresses in each work is produced by pictorial illumination, by a disturbing handwriting, which is responsible for granting order to the intricate theater of human composition.

Giuseppe Possa


Luigi Profeta was born in Milan on 13 July 1969. From an early age he developed a natural propensity for art, which led him to try his hand at small wooden constructions from an early age. A reference more to sculpture, than to painting and not surprisingly, his works are a perfect combination of the two arts. Influenced by artists such as Kandinsky, by his geometric and compositional rigor, his works are painstakingly studied and meditated paintings that conceal the soul of the artist among shapes and colors. Luigi Profeta currently lives and works in Cormano, where he paints and manages the Click Art cultural center.

Luigi Profeta's rich production draws its lifeblood from a continuous tension between reason and instinct, as well as between orientation to the future and being rooted in an ancestral past. This tension between elements clearly at the antipodes finds its balance and at the same time its raison d'etre in the continuous research effort that the artist pours into his works. It is not a purely abstract research, but on the contrary of a continuous experimentation that starts from direct contact with matter. Matter understood both as a complex of materials that the artist forges with his own creativity, and as an interior experience which is then what, once analyzed and dissected, provides the deep motivations for a continuous getting back into the game. Luigi Profeta possesses the truly rare ability to start from scratch every time in front of the canvas. It is as if the artist wanted to challenge himself each time to always go beyond, as if what he had achieved up to yesterday, as acquired, he perceived already exceeded. His experimentation is scientific and emotional at the same time. This explains the balance between rationality of forms and chromatic instinct that Profeta manages to develop as a distinctive sign of his art. It is no coincidence that allusions to industrial machinery and technologies coexist in his works as well as references to unconscious or primitive symbolisms. This demonstrates the complexity of the cultural and psychological background of this artist who in no case spares himself by exposing his soul. A commitment lived in an absolute sense, as total dedication to oneself, even in small-format works (which many great artists limit themselves to creating as a simple divertissement). Which suggests an evolutionary tension that will never end, towards levels of excellence that today we can only vaguely guess.

Paolo Avanzi

Michele Sliepcevich , was born in Milan in 1967. He currently lives and paints in Rho near Milan.

After completing his graphic studies, he began working in the world of printed paper on an international level. The professional experience allowed him to deepen his knowledge of color and graphic language.

His university studies in public relations allowed him to learn the fundamental principles of communication. The pictorial activity has been constantly present since the early years. He exhibits in Italy and abroad. The strength of color, of psychic movement, seeds planted in the fertile earth to allow an inner rebirth that explodes with strength, light, power of the sign, emotional dimension. Energy that envelops and regenerates, hypnotic gaze that sweeps like the north wind and at the same time embraces like a sea breeze. Disturbance mixed with Coldness, impassivity, imperturbability. Man reduced to the essential: the thin shadow of himself in the face of the vigor of color. The night welcomes in its embrace, the glare of dawn, while the man hidden in the shadows remains helpless to watch. #Maria Luigia Lattanzi #

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