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Click Art Events 2019

Locandina mostra collettiva Visioni cont

opening hours: 18.00

Free admission

Saturday 12 October 2019, the Cultural Art Click Art inaugurates the new collective exhibition of painting, photography, sculpture "Contemporary Visions". The headquarters of the Click Art Artistic Cultural Center is in Cormano (MI), in via Dall'Occo 1, between courtyards, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s. The inauguration is at 6.00 pm. We have reached the 3rd edition of this exhibition, and we still wonder where art is going. A recurring question, especially among artists and those involved in art, such as curators, gallery owners, commentators and collectors. I believe there will never be a real answer, but there will always be artists who, with their very personal language, with their incessant research, will try to answer this question. Sometimes using classic materials such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor, others still, using the most varied materials, such as acids, resins, or even the recovery of plastics, woods, recyclable materials. Once again, we have selected works and artists that seem "different" to us, less "contaminated" than others, but with one point in common, the desire to answer that question, with colors, brushes, palette knives, dark rooms, presses, digital cam etc. the representation of recognizable images of the world around us, sometimes faithful and accurate, sometimes highly distorted, or imaginary, lead the viewer of the works to ask the fateful question: where are we going? In this 3rd edition of the collective "Contemporary Visions" we can take advantage of these researches, these profound thoughts, the result of hard work and inner research, to be able to give our very personal answer to the question, or to reflect and try to understand the work of these artists, with a constructive critical judgment, which leads us to savor the art and the future that these artists imagine working on their canvases. The 3rd edition of the exhibition aims to investigate and verify whether art has added new languages to its infinite and changing vocabulary.

The artists are: Luigi Franco, Michele Sliepcevich, Liliana Fumagalli, Beatrice Di Francescantonio, Camelia Rostom, Gianmaria Lafranconi, Alessandro Lafranconi, Marco Ghezzi, Luigi Profeta, Claudio Dal Pozzo, Susanna Maccari, Fiorella Immorlica, Roman K. Ayvazyan, Andreas Hoffman, Maria Ferrara, Lucio Brambilla, Giuranna Gregorio

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Cormano - Saturday 28 September 2019, at the Click Art cultural center in via Dall'Occo 1, starting at 5.30 pm, the photographic exhibition of the students of the Maestro 蔡 子 仲 Tsai Tzu Chung will be inaugurated

In fact, on Saturday 28 September, starting at 5.30 pm, the Click Art cultural center in Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, headquarters of the movement created by Luigi Profeta, will inaugurate the exhibition "Pictorial Photography Art Exhibition Taiwan Milan Italy"

蔡 子 仲 Tsai Tzu Chung 施 靜 芬 Ching Fen Shin 劉 佳 淳 Liu Chia Chun 陳 淑 慧 Shu Hui Chen 楊 麗 娜 Lina Yang

Ching Fen Shih, aka Ivy Shih, has encountered photography since she was a child when she was enchanted by the images taken by her father, who encouraged her to embark on a journey towards the search for touching images. Ivy honed her skills in California, where she was surrounded by free and boundless photographic creativity, thus enriching the depth of her photographic creations. After graduating in business and economics from California State University, Fullerton, in the United States, Ivy took over the leadership of her family's business, which operates internationally, and this allowed her to have a global vision on the world that influenced the emotions conveyed by his images. In each of his works you can see simple multidimensional effects that show the concept of "pictorial photography". Ivy has pursued uncompromising creative excellence, every generational futuristic image is no longer an unattainable vision, Ivy is able to represent pictorial aesthetics with depth, irregularity and dynamism, reflecting her unique talent in the way she integrates creativity with the evolution of time.

Amy Liu, is the first indigenous pictorial photography artist. The new era opened an exchange between the ancient indigenous art and the new time. Amy Liu is from the Atayal tribe, an ancient Taiwanese tribe from 5000 years ago, which has always lived surrounded by mountains and who founded their culture on the art of facial tattooing which has four meanings: to ward off evil spirits, to show beauty. and elegance, identify ethnic groups and symbolize glory. Every time Amy Liu comes home she stops to meditate in the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain, and here, from observing nature, she draws inspiration to create her works. To capture a photograph that transcends limitations, the components of existing structures are remodeled and recreated, different artistic visual elements are superimposed on nature. Amy Liu has exhibited in the 3rd and 18th arrondissements of Paris

Chen Shuhui, is a member of one of the top 500 ancient families in Taiwan. Chen's father is a mechanical engineer and Chen's mother studied in the most prestigious school in Taiwan where only the best female students were admitted, and thanks to the influence of her parents Chen created her own special art world, creating bouquets. of flowers of Ikebana art, jewelry, fashion and multi-style photography, facing all the challenges with enthusiasm and passion that she uses to enrich her life of wonder. Chen has traveled through wonderful places such as deserts, wildlife sanctuaries, has traveled to over 100 countries around the world, and thanks to these trips he has become acquainted with different styles and techniques in the field of photography. He also began studying airplane shooting, 2D and 3D photography, animated creativity and other techniques that create a feeling of unlimited space and time. Chen followed a path of creativity and motion photography of painterly photography from teacher Shui Cao. Chen used all his technical skills in transforming his works, elevating them to a much higher and richer artistic level. Chen created some incredible works that show humanity's feelings through photography. With these new experiences, he realized that this unique new creativity he experienced was a new style of art and photography that was being born.

Lina Yang, has traveled to over 50 countries on five continents and the multiple art of interactive cultures around the world is part of Yang's life and faith. Lina Yang graduated first in accounting and then in oil painting from the Fine Arts Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts. His artistic inspiration comes from his mentor prof. Lin Wei Min. Lina teaches painting and is a guide of the National Museum of Fine Ati in Taiwan and this activity allows her to keep her knowledge of art in step with the times. Contact with different cultures greatly influenced Lina's artistic style and photography was the most difficult artistic style to achieve. In pictorial photography Lina combines a profound humanistic quality with the multiple thought of art in the world. Lina Yang has exhibited in Taipei and Taiwan.

Cultural Center Click Art

Via Dall'Occo 1, Cormano

for more info:

tel. 0266301491 cell. 3400630560


Personal exhibition of Camelia Rostom "PALETTE" from 2 to 14 February 2019

Inauguration of the personal exhibition of Camelia Rostom


Hours: 17.30

Free admission

Saturday 2 February 2019 at 5.30 pm the inauguration of the personal exhibition of painting by Camelia Rostom, "Palette", will be held at the Click Art Cultural Center in the historic center of Cormano, in via Dall'Occo 1, between courts, courtyards and buildings from the 1600s.

Camelia Rostom, born in Beyrouth in Lebanon in 1981, graduated in Art Education from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Pedagogy in 2003, and obtained a license in Computer Science and Graphic Design in 2008. She continued her training by collaborating with the laboratory of interior design and painting by Badih Semaan in 2003 and by Roger Semaan in 2004 in Lebanon, deepening the techniques of painting and sculpture. The combination of these training realities and the assiduous commitment to Art Graphics and Painting, have given rise to a production that favors details, where the chiaroscuro, the shadow and light areas seem to bring the elements back to life. . The works are characterized, from the executive point of view, by a considerable complexity due to the use of multiple strategies and techniques and styles. In the choice of the artistic theme it is like a chameleon: it changes image colors and style. For her, art is freedom! In his works, he always tells us about the human soul, about his sufferings, his weaknesses, but also about his strength, his love and his friendship. In her works, superior technical and artistic skills are denoted, her ability in the use of materials and equipment, allow her to create unique and fascinating works, where the viewer is involved and enraptured by her colors, her shapes, her stories. And we can talk about stories, precisely because each of his works is a story, it is a book to be read carefully, so as not to miss the moment in which his deep thought manifests itself in us. I don't want to dwell too much on aesthetically appealing big words, because Camelia's work is clean and elegant, just like her. The PALETTE is a support, a useful and indispensable tool for artists on which to arrange the colors and on which to prepare the mixtures of the shades that will be used to create their painting. The expression palette or palette of an artist is also used to refer to the repertoire of colors that an artist uses. The PALETTE, in this exhibition plays the role of the base of the work. It is the space where the artist has created different themes and subjects, from nature to women and surrealist subjects. He used different techniques between acrylic painting, pyrography, fluid acrylic and in most of the works a combination of the techniques. In the end, the question: `` Why the choice of the palette? '', The answer: I wanted to present and create my works in an original way with a free elaboration.

Camelia Rostom's painting deserves to be known and appreciated by everyone, and we can do this on Saturday 2 February 2019 at 5.30 pm at the inauguration of her personal Palette ". The exhibition will continue until February 14th from Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 - 12.00 / 15.00 - 19.00 Sunday 10.00-12.30

Collective Thought - Gesture - Abstraction - from 12 to 31 January 2019


Saturday 12 January 2019, the artistic season of the Click Art cultural center, located in via Dall'Occo 1, resumes. Starting from 5.30 pm, at the Click Art contemporary art gallery, the group exhibition lasting twenty days will be inaugurated, from title: "THOUGHT - GESTURE - ABSTRACTION" among courtyards, courtyards and buildings of the 1600s, in the historic center of Cormano

The season will kick off with the 3rd edition of the collective exhibition “Thought - Gesture - Abstraction”. A simple title, but which immediately makes the intentions clear. Many, to date, the artists who have already joined, and given the great success of the previous editions, we wanted to extend the days of exhibition, which this year will be twenty.

The exhibited works will examine photography, painting and sculpture

It is therefore an expressive challenge, that of giving strength and balance to works that lead to each elaboration with their own technique, thought, gesture, and abstraction. What is hidden inside the thought of an artist? What pictorial gesture is imposed on the canvas? How far can abstraction go? This is the challenge that we want to launch with the 3rd edition of the collective exhibition "thought - gesture - abstraction", where each artist will be able to illustrate their work, telling us the moment in which the imagination arises. We are curious to see what the results can be and what the response of the public will be, which in the past editions has always been attentive and generous. There are many emotions, each artist will bring their own specific emotions into the field, each with their own way of expressing themselves and trying their hand at their works. Different emotions, which at least for once, can coexist together smoothly and dichotomies.

Artistic Cultural Center Click Art

Via Dall'Occo 1, Cormano 20032 (MI)

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